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Why you should hire a Professional Photographer?

Near-to-perfect photographs are now easy to achieve than ever.  With technology advancing, high pixel phone cameras and brilliant editing tools, everyone can create the kind of art they are looking to, which was impossible even a decade ago. However, you can still look at an Instagram profile and figure out the difference between professional shots and amateur. Moreover, there are so many requirements like product photography, professional headshots, real estate photography and events that can be best handled by professional photographers in San Francisco. It’s more like doing a DIY thing – you have a storeroom full of scraps and tools but only an experience guy can use those tools to make the project a success.     

Let’s find out why professional photographers are so much in demand in San Francisco and how they worth every penny.

Count on experience

While it can’t be denied that irrespective of camera, great results can be achieved, but photos that speak require much more than just a camera. It’s about perspective and perception. That’s why, if you look into any expert headshot photographers bay area or social media profile, it showcases their portfolio and not what cameras or lens they use. A professional knows how to draw a clear line between your social media profile photo and a business magazine cover, a print copy and a digital copy. They have knowledge of lighting, editing, locations and how to use software for different category of photography.

Professionals use the right tool

In photography, there is famous quote – “The best camera is the one you have with you”. Well, this might be true to some extent, but if your objective is to specifically meet the purpose for professional headshots, custom stock photography, event photography, modeling headshot, advertising photography, maternity photo shoots, graduation portraits, product photography, there are different cameras, flashes, lenses, and other gears to best suit the task. These cameras and gears can cost thousands of dollars. Some are not just expensive, but also impractical to carry around, specially for common people who are used to cell phone cameras. So, it might be feasible for you to fork over a fraction of the camera’s price to hire experts for outstanding photography in San Francisco.

The process matters

Anyone can become a paparazzo, point the camera at the subject and click the shutter button. However, hiring and working with a professional photography team is a different experience altogether. They click great picture, and you get to experience a great process.  How to stand, where to stare, your face angle, your background, body posture, lights and so many things are considered for great photos. Photographers know how to create energetic, fun and exciting moments that go far beyond images to share online or photos to hang on the wall.

Professional photography companies in San Francisco can provide you great value for your money. The professional have a trained eye and they can create what others may not. If you are looking for a skilled San Francisco photographer for any type of photography – from corporate to family, get in touch with Slava Blazer Photography.