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December 12, 2020: We will take you into an escape room NYC that you won’t want to escape from! Physical distancing and health crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic hit have forced everyone to change the way they learn, work, recruit, train, communicate in business and personal lives and promote awareness. During these times, Escape Room offers its visitors a custom designed digital interactive escape game that can be played online. You can call, book an escape room online or walk into one of them any time of the day or night from the Escape Room website. Our hourly rates are charged as low as !

Play from Anywhere!

You can be a part of the best escape rooms near me either from office or home, play in multiplayer or individual player mode, in video conferences, from computers, tablets or Smartphone from a range of a thousand of escape rooms offered on our website. Escape room digital games are addressing the issues of remote team building, kick-offs, onboarding etc.

We use the latest technologies to develop digital escape room in Portland, entirely in-house pertaining to the client’s graphic standards. There is no limitation to meet any client requirement or specification. Despite the distance, team cohesion can be created through a multi-player mode of escape room. The team players can range from a single player to a thousand in the same escape room.

Custom Designed Escape Rooms

Escape room Raleigh is an interactive, real and a custom designed digital platform. When you enter an escape room on our website, players must search, discover new rooms, open chests, and solve a series of puzzles in an allocated time limit to escape from the room.

All the escape rooms on our website are created by professional illustrators, game designers and front-end digital developers. Based on the objective or needs of the escape room, our game designers create the scenarios. Our digital escape rooms are created with an ultra-realistic 3D universe that is designed by keeping live visuals or photos in mind.

You can investigate the escape room and walk into the scene just like you are physically present there. The puzzles, riddles and manipulations are all built in to promote collaborations and discussions within players of the escape room.

Communicative Technology

In an escape room San Diego, the player becomes the main actor of the plot and carries out real investigations through an interactive real time video. This experience gets the player directly involved into the escape room, as it is designed to be more realistic and immersive.

The course of the story in the escape room is influenced by the choices that the player makes throughout the game. Depending on the player’s actions performed, several alternating endings to the escape room are designed to be possible. The player has a personalized and unique experience as he becomes the master of his own story. The realistic settings of Escape Room include universes that are futuristic, historical, fantastic, paranormal, western etc.

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