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21 remote escape games up for giveaway create history

Leading escape room brands have teamed up for this giveaway which created a history in the escape game industry

The USA, February 3, 2021- The leading manufacturers of the best escape room games in the industry have teamed up to give away 21 remote escape games. The event will take place through The Biggest Online Escape Room Giveaway. Creating a history in the escape room games industry, the largest giveaway ever shook the world as soon it came up with the news. The names involved in this largest giveaway include Hourglass Escapes, Entermission VR, Funny Logic, Prison Escape, and Up The Game.

How to participate in this giveaway?

To participate in this giveaway, you have to register yourself by signing up. Once the registration is done, the participants will be updated on their respective e-mail IDs. Further updates will be given through the email only.

How to win this giveaway?

The winners will be decided according to the bonus points earned by the participants. All of the participants have to achieve as many bonus points to win. These bonus points can be earned by getting referral signups, spreading the word about this giveaway on social media handles, and so on. The event was announced on 1st Feb and will end on 14th Feb at 10:00 AM CST.

Announcement of the winners

A lucky draw will select the winners and the announcement will be made on an event to be held on Facebook Live. Only 3 winners will be announced on 16th Feb and each of them will receive a package of 7 Online Escape Rooms whose total approximate retail value is $3200. All of the winners will be notified about their victory through an e-mail. To witness this event, the participants and non-participants can join their Facebook group.

A remote escape game is an escape game played online. What makes them unique is you can play the game remotely without visiting an escape room near you. The participants (ranging from 2 to 12) have to escape a room within a limited period of time. The players communicate via video call and can help the real person trapped in an actual room or can navigate via a 3D representation of the room on their PC.

Suitable for all age groups, these remote escape games are fun to play and also enhance the bonding among the players. The players communicate with each other to solve the puzzles and escape the room with the help of teamwork. Some escape room games are also designed especially for the kids and provide enormous benefits.

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