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Some Tips to Clean up and Maintenance Real Love Dolls

    Victoria Middleton
    By Victoria Middleton

    Everyone is fascinated by beautiful and sexy men and women. Women want athletic and tall men, and men want curved women. The male and female versions of the hot silicone doll have the correct shape, skin color, shape, and end, just like when dating a real person. You can even customize them to look like your dream girl or boy. But if you expect these love doll genuine products to stay with you for a long time, you need to know some knowledge about the care of sex dolls.

    First, if the sex doll is loose, place the doll in a neutral position. Align the fallen (loose) nails with the bare nails. In this way, you can determine which nail fits which finger. After selecting the nail, apply a thin and uniform layer of glue to the bare nail area. Also, make sure the area is clean and dry, free of dust and talc.

    Second, do not immerse RealDoll's head in water. Do not use abrasive soaps or other cleaning agents. Do not use coarse or hard / sharp materials. Do not apply excessive pressure to the skin. Do not use a hair dryer or other heating device on your real sex doll. To increase the drying rate, do not place the device near a radiator / fire source or other heating device.

    Clean your sex doll face. Remove your head from your body. If possible, remove the wig. Soak a sponge or cotton towel in warm soapy antibacterial water and gently massage your face. Gently tap the facts with an antibacterial soap sponge. Be especially careful not to hurt your eyes or eyelashes or get these areas wet. Tap your face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth, let it air dry, and then reattach it to your body.

    Mix with regular antibacterial soap and clean warm water, gently massage the love doll's skin with your hands, or wipe it off with a clean sponge. (It's like washing a real person.) You can take a shower or bathe in a life-sized Real Doll. Be careful not to get your neck or head wet. This is to prevent rust on metal parts. If you accidentally get a metal part wet, dry it immediately to prevent it from rusting.

    By the way, do not use abrasive soaps or other traditional cleaning agents. Fuck your love doll. It is also important to make sure the doll is completely dry to limit the risk of damage. Lightly tap with a clean, soft cotton cloth to dry and dry the skin completely. Do not clean with a hard sponge / brush or steel wool as it can cause damage. Do not wipe the doll with a towel. When wiping with a towel to dry, be sure to whisk.

    After drying, apply talcum powder (talcum powder) to the doll. Do not apply talcum powder while the love doll is still wet. After cleaning, apply talcum powder to the sex doll to protect the skin and prevent rubbing damage. Apply Talcum powder to TPE love dolls every two weeks or at least once a month (depending on usage). Do not apply other substances such as essential oils to your skin.

    She's pretty, but we still need to make her cool somewhere. Always store hot sex dolls in a cool environment and do not place them near flames. The raw materials made from them can be damaged. You alone are enough to burn it, it does not require any other external heating moments.

    At the end of this article, I'll talk about characters. By learning how to handle sex dolls, you can also learn about your personality. Face it, lack of control and self-confidence can also be traced back to lack of personality. What can you ask? Learning to respect others is one way to build a personality. Learning to put the desires of your partner in front of you is a kind of personality.