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Participate ‘EGGventure’ Bingo Jackpot Game

The game will play at Naughtyspin in the EGGVenture Bingo Room with an ensured prize pot of £500 yet with the capability of paying out £1,000!

The prizes can be redesigned from £30 for one line, £70 for two lines and £400 for Full house to £60 for one, £140 for two and £800 for Full House if a player parts of the bargains a particular call.

To win the improved prizes the player needs to call and stop the game on a particular call, recorded beneath:

  • Call one line on tenth, twentieth ball call
  • Call any two lines on 30th, 40th ball call
  • Call Full house on 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th ball call

Ticket cost: £0.25p

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